The Soap Dispenser

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Sarah Parker

Change coach, therapist, human being, and founder of Well of Being.

We have some hand soap in the bathroom which, in the bottle, looks like clear liquid. When we press to get soap out to wash our hands, the dispenser produces white foam, not clear liquid at all.

Now, I know that there is a mechanism in the dispenser that does this, but I see that the soap is so much like our human experience. We have that deeply wise and loving space within us that is clear and pure and is always guiding us, but often our human experience shows up as a bit messy and frothy!

We are innately human, so what shows up in our humanness – the frothy version – is always ok. From the time we are able to think and retain information, our minds gather knowledge about people and the world and begin to create stories and form patterns. We go to school, and we very quickly step into intellect. We value learning and intelligence. We reward memory skills. All of this is important. Without it we wouldn’t remember how to add up or write letters. This is, without doubt, very helpful and important but it isn’t all there is to see about our experience.

There is still that really cool clear liquid on the inside to be curious about.

Can you think of a time when your outer ‘human’ experience did not reflect your inner experience? I know I can!! As a child who was bullied about my weight, I learnt at a very young age to please people in an attempt to not be bullied and criticised. In many respects, as with most habits, this was initially successful, and it very quickly became my go-to in conversations. In my first job as a podiatrist, I would regularly be asked to add more clients into my already-full clinic. The ‘foamy’ outer voice which had learnt to please said ‘yes of course, no problem at all’ even though my clear liquid inside was saying ‘absolutely not – I’m busy and I can’t do a good job with so many extra people booked in. I’m overwhelmed’. Sadly at the time I didn’t see or hear the purity of the voice within – my loving, kind wise voice. It had become covered by a learnt, habitual response that didn’t serve me.

Imagine if you felt sad and you were able to express that freely, or you felt joyful and you could express that in any way you wished – you could dance down the street or walk around with the biggest smile without having to explain it. Imagine feeling anxious and being able to share your feelings without fear of criticism, judgement or rejection so that you could be loved and supported through it?…..and all the time knowing that you have the magic within to experience all of those feelings without trying to change them until the time comes when they shift all on their own. You are not broken or faulty because you have feelings – you are human!

And you are not only your humanness – you are also that amazing clear pure space that is untouched by learnt thoughts and beliefs.

Thoughts are the equivalent of the little mechanism in the dispenser – they take what is pure and clear and froth it up to become cloudy and uncertain.

Albert Einstein said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Imagine days when you could see your thinking and still be deeply connected to that intuitive voice that is guiding you in the best way possible. Try it out today – notice your frothy thinking and let it do it’s thing, whilst still connecting to, and honouring your pure wise voice – and see what happens for you.

With love. Sarah x

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