The Buffet of Life

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Sarah Parker

Change coach, therapist, human being, and founder of Well of Being.


In these tough times can you still imagine going to a party? There you are chatting, dancing, having a drink and feeling joyful. At the party is the most glorious buffet – a table spread with an abundance of food and a profusion of choice. As soon as a plate becomes empty it is replaced with a new, fresh plate of food. When the jugs of drinks are drained, they are topped up again endlessly.

Life can be experienced just like this buffet.

We all see the buffet of life from the perspective of our human experiences. If we fear not being or having enough, we may take so much from the buffet that it feels like too much to manage and we can become overwhelmed. It we have beliefs about only deserving a certain amount or only taking the minimum, not wanting to be perceived as ‘greedy’ we may not take enough and feel lacking in some way, hungry for more, or resentful of others who have more than us.

There are also those of us who ask someone else to take something from the buffet on our behalf while we remain seated. Perhaps we worry about what to take, or what others will think about what we take and so we defer to someone else and allow them to make choices for us. When this happens, we can feel frustrated that we don’t have the things we truly would enjoy, or we don’t have the quantity we would like. We might blame those who have chosen what to bring us from the buffet.

Some of us will compare our plates to others’ plates. We may feel resentful or envious that they have more or concerned that we have taken too much for ourselves.

It is so interesting that the buffet remains the same and yet we all experience it through the filter of our thinking.

Can you imagine living our lives with the ability to see through the illusion of our thoughts about deficit or abundance and judgements and we simply take from the buffet and from life what we need, when we need it? We do not need to take lots and store it, just in case it runs out. Neither do we need to limit what we take in case others do not have enough.

The universe provides for us all, moment to moment. Sometimes, we may think that the universe has not done a good job of providing, or that the buffet of life has not been shared out fairly between us all. When life looks this way to us, we can be sure that we are in our thought-created realities about how the universe should provide. There is a friction between how we think life should be and how life is.

The universe works in our favour even when we do not see it this way. Our thinking minds create stories about what fairness looks like or how life ‘ought’ to be – and that is just our minds innocently believing they have the answers.

The buffet of life is just as it needs to be.

We are nourished and the nourishment does not run out. We are provided for always. The hardest part for us is in putting our trust into a wisdom and energy far beyond human understanding to provide for our needs. If we can trust that the buffet will always meet our needs in any moment, our worries and fears dissolve and we rest back into the safe arms of the universe.

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