We ask that you give us at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation to enable us to use the time slot for someone else. If you do not do this, you may be charged for the session.

If you have any further questions, please do get in touch We are always happy to have a chat.

The standard cost for a 1-hour session is £110. However, my aim at Well of Being is to be of service.

Please contact me for a free, no-obligation discovery call. It’s an opportunity for you to speak with me and see if ours is a relationship that you feel will help you to move forwards to your hopes and goals. From here, if you wish, we can create a proposal to meet your individual needs.

As often as you want and need them to be. Everyone is unique in their needs and their responses to therapy. We want to respect your individuality.

Everyone is different so it is hard to say. We will review regularly according to your needs

We can support you through whatever emotional difficulties you may be experiencing. This understanding is universally helpful. Some of the things we have supported clients with include:

Depression, anxiety, eating disorders and difficult relationships with food, habits, relationship difficulties, grief and loss, abuse, traumatic events, phobias. Whatever your difficulty, please get in touch. We are here to help.


YES! However long you have struggled for, you can recover and live a life that feels good for you.


Christina BrittainIntuitive Counsellor and Coach, San Diego, CA, USA
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Sarah Parker is an exceptional find. If you have found her, you are very lucky. There are so many practitioners available, yet relatively few that are so profoundly present. And rarer still to find one who is calmly and absolutely SURE that you are whole, right now. She doesn’t just believe that you are healthy and worthy of enormous celebration - she knows it with all of her being. It really is the ground of her reality. She also happens to be kind, gentle, fun and totally authentic! She doesn’t have any need to be anything other than the human she is, which to me is a profound embodiment of our innate “okayness” as we are. I can sense that deep self love and acceptance from her, and by proxy, in myself. Conversations with Sarah bring openness, fresh air and ease. Time with her is such a pleasurable journey of co-discovery. It’s like taking an amazing ride with a dear friend through the country side of yourself.
Jo P
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Coaching with Sarah is like being wrapped in a cosy safe blanket of compassion. Whilst she carefully leads you on the path to your true nature, she makes sure that she meets you in where you are in your experience, so you feel completely heard and understood at all times. Sarah’s energy is so special, she is so kind and gentle and oh so very humorous! I feel completely uplifted at the end of every session. My experience of life has changed in such a dramatic way over the past year, I can clearly see that my habits of people pleasing and taking responsibility for everything led to me living in a constant state of worry. Life was exhausting for me. However, I was lucky enough to stumble across this beautiful understanding. I can’t quite put into words how much Sarah’s coaching has helped me understand who we truly are and the freedom that has given me! I promise you….coaching with Sarah is a gorgeous experience!
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Feeling like I wanted to talk to someone but no idea where to start, my friend recommended I get in touch with Sarah at Well of Being. Very apprehensively I sent an email enquiring, not sure what I was getting into. From the get go, Sarah was the kindest, warmest person you could wish for when you aren’t feeling your best. Just a lovely, honest person to open up to. You feel instantly at ease. I would recommend Sarah the world over, the advice, service and professionalism you receive is second to none, all while feeling like talking to an old friend over coffee.
Amy Johnson, Ph.D.
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Sarah Parker is an incredibly kind, patient, wise coach who sees the health in all people, no matter what they are struggling with; so much so, that talking with her begins to allow you to see and feel your own health and wisdom. Sarah has a laser sharp way of seeing what's behind her clients' suffering. If my own family member was struggling with anorexia or other food issues, I would point them toward Sarah without question. She has a loving way of pointing you back to your own clarity. Have a conversation with her and you will see for yourself!
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